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Anti-Terror Squads Arrests One Alleged Terrorist in Rupat Island

Pekanbaru, Riau, May 18 ( - The police anti-terror squad has arrested an alleged terrorist in Rupat Island of Bengkalis district, following the arrest of eight alleged terrorists in Dumai, Riau.

"Yes, one alleged terrorist was arrested in Rupat," Riau Police Chief Inspector General Nandang said here on Friday.

However, Nandang did not elaborate further the identity of the alleged terrorist, saying that the Special Detachment 88 (Densus 88) and Riau police are still investigating the case.

"The team was still there (in Rupat Island) for investigation," he said.

Rupat Island is part of Bengkalis district administration but geographically it is located close to Dumai City.

An information obtained by Antara said, the alleged terrorist known with its initial A was a 25 year-old mechanic.

Previously Riau police said it has arrested eight alleged terrorists from different locations in Dumai following the attack in Riau police headquarters on Wednesday.

The eight alleged terrorists namely HAR, NI, AS, SW, HD, YEP, DS, and SY alias IJ.

Most of the suspects has blood relation with the four suspects killed in the terror attack in Riau police headquarters namely Mursalim alias Pak Ngah (48), Adi Sufiyan (23), Suwardi (28), and Pogang (24). ***2***

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