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Family Dies Following Deadly Accident on Riau-North Sumatera Road

Pekanbaru, Riau, June 14 ( - A family of homecomers travelling aboard a motorcycle died after meeting with a deadly accident involving a minibus on the Riau road to North Sumatra in the Tanah Putih Sub-District, Rokan Hilir District.

Rokan Hilir Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police Sigit Adiwuryanto stated here on Thursday that one person was killed on the spot in the accident, while two others died while undergoing treatment at the hospital.

"The death toll is a family that was keen to undertake a homecoming trip to Medan," he revealed.

He noted that the dead have been identified as Sugiono, his wife Jumiem, and his 10-year-old daughter Anisa Nuraini.

All three victims are known to be the residents of Pinggir Sub-District, Bengkalis District.

Adiwuryanto added that the accident occurred on the Riau-North Sumatra Road, Teluk Berembun Village, Tanah Putih Sub-district, on Wednesday (June 13).

The accident took place when the three victims on a motorcycle, bearing the police number BM 5729 EJ, were riding from Pekanbaru City to North Sumatra Province.

All of a sudden, an Avanza car, with police number pf=f BM 1108 RX, sped up from the opposite direction.

At the scene of accident, the Avanza car, whose driver is still under investigation, lost control and immediately hit a motorcycle carrying Sugiono's family.

The accident was inevitable, and the victim was dragged several meters on the asphalt. Sugiono died immediately on the spot, while his wife and daughter were brought to the nearest hospital, but she then died.

"Anisa and her mother Jumiem died in the hospital," he added.

Furthermore, the accident is believed to have occurred mainly due to the negligence of the car driver, who is still being investigated by the police.

"When the car's driver wanted to overtake other vehicles, he did not have sufficient space to do it. Hence, the accident occurred," he remarked.

Due to the deadly accident, the flow of traffic on the road connecting the two neighboring provinces came to a halt a few minutes before the traffic police was able to handle it.

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