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Riau's Oil And Gas Exports Fall In 2013

Pekanbaru, ( - Riau's oil and gas exports  continued to be on the decline  in early 2013, according to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics  (BPS).

Oil and gas exports from Riau were valued at US$452.09 billion in January, 2013 , down 12.02 percent from a month earlier, Head of the regional office of BPS Mawardi Arsyad said here on Tuesday.

Year-on-year the export value dropped 12.12 percent, Mawardi said.

Crude oil exports shrank 10.63 percent and exports of oil products dropped 24.27 percent  month to month in January, he added.

The decline in oil and gas exports , however, was offset by an increase in the exports of other commodities.

Riau exports of commodities other than oil and gas rose 6.12 percent month to month to US$1.1 billion  in January  and by 21.5 percent year-on-year.

Altogether Riau's exports were valued at US$1.54 billion in January  with oil and gas accounting for only 29.44 percent.

Mawardi said Riau's imports of oil and gas also fell in January  to US$39.68 million , or down 13.90 percent month-to-month, but up 9.93 percent on-year.

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