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38 Riau Police Officers Sacked in 2013

Pekanbaru, Riau, ( - During 2013, the Riau provincial police sacked 38 officers on grounds of various offenses committed, including bribery.
"The 38 officers were discharged disgracefully. Some of them were not ready to accept the discharge and have filed lawsuits against this decision," Riau Police Chief Brig. Gen. Condro Kirono stated on Tuesday.
Nine police officers challenged their discharge by filing lawsuits in the state administrative court, though only six of the lawsuits were processed, he added.
He noted that one of the cases that grabbed spotlight was a bribery case involving the former chief of the narcotics unit of the Rokan Hulu district police, Zulbakhri.
Zulbakhri was sentenced to one year and 10 months imprisonment by the Pekanbaru anti-corruption court on charges of accepting Rp200 million as bribe from a drug dealer, he claimed.
He pointed out that the sentence was two months lesser than what the public prosecutor had earlier sought.
In 2013, a total of 374 officers were found violating discipline. Ten of them were middle-ranking officers, 25 were officers of the lower ranks, and 339 were brigadiers, he remarked.
The figure fell from last year's 481, which comprised 447 brigadiers and 34 officers of the lower rank, he added.

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