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Pekanbaru Has Forest Tourist Site Spread Over 11 Ha

Pekanbaru, Riau, Dec 2 ( - The city administration of Pekanbaru city, Riau province, has a forest covering 11 hectares, which is a tourism attraction and is located in the same area as the Roesmin Nurjadin air base.

"This forest acts as the lungs of the city. It is full of different types of woody and fruit plants," Pekanbaru Mayor Firdaus said here on Wednesday.

According to Firdaus, the forest, which is a tourist site, can also be exploited as a site for research and a playground for students as there are several types of protected animals, such as monkeys and various bird species.

Roesmin Nurjadin air base commander Henri Alfiandi said the Indonesian Air Force would allow the public access to the forest area every weekend.

"The forest provides a jogging area, a flying fox facility, and a fishing park. We will also build a pinball area," he explained.

He added that to maintain this forest, the airbase would plant thousands of fruit and woody trees.

"About 2,000 mango trees, matoa (Pometia pinnata), durian, Baccaurea macrocarpa, and other woody species will be planted," Henri added.

The forest tourist site is rich in decades-old trees, with a trunk girth of 50-100 cm on an average.

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